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Hong Kong Parkview offers some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced fitness and sporting facilities in the city.
The state of the art Spinning Studio offers guests and members an opportunity to race around Hong Kong without struggling with the traffic or fighting the weather using the only VX system in Asia. The three level gymnasium offers the latest modern cardio equipment as well as highly experienced trainers who are there to ensure you achieve the best results. The outdoor training area provides a unique experience in the open air and on top of that there are tennis courts, children’s playrooms and swimming pools. Hong Kong Parkview also offers an unsurpassed selection of classes and activities for all age groups and interests and are home to a host of innovative, professional coaches and teachers who help members to socialise, stay in shape and enjoy the unique lifestyle we have to offer.


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Elastic Band Resistance Training For Seniors
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Aerial Adventure Park
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Elastic band resistance exercise help elderly people prevent loss of bone mass, build different parts of body muscle and improve balance – important in preventing falls and staying active and independent.

Are you looking for a strong Core and 3D Glutes? Come to join our intensive class which designed to hit your CORE and build your Butt muscles. That’s includes: Rectus Abdominis, External Oblique, Internal Oblique, Transverse Abdominis, Multifidus, Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus.

Are you a high-energy fitness person that loves intense physical activity? Challenge yourself in this fast paced 45-minute workout! Torch calories, shred fat and greatly increase stamina with high reps, body weight and power movements.

A fun and engaging class that helps children develop their dance skills and coordinate their dance steps with their group. The group will dance to catchy Bollywood music and children will have a lot of fun making new friends and building teamwork to deliver a group dance performance.

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