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Art & Culture


Hong Kong Parkview is proud and honoured to host one of the city’s most diverse private art collections. The collection is on display for the pleasure of members and visitors alike and has been collected by over three generations of Hong Kong Parkview’s owning family. Spanning the Archaic Bronze Age, to Dynastic Buddhistic scrolls and sculptures, to modern art, sculptures, paintings and ceramics, these pieces have become an iconic and integral part of Hong Kong Parkview identity. You can visit these pieces throughout the property and feel free to visit our Reading Room on the level 2.


Hong Kong Parkview is home to one of the more prolific and eclectic private art collections in Hong Kong spanning from the Bronze Age sculptures to contemporary Chinese and international works of art! Guided Tours of the art collection are now available exclusively to our members upon request. Kindly contact our Events & Marketing Department at 2812 3965 for more details and information.

Bronzes, in Pinyin Qīng Tòng Qì; are some of the most important pieces of ancient Chinese art. The Chinese Bronze Age began in the Xia Dynasty (circa 2070 - 1600 B.C.), where bronze ritual containers form the bulk of collections of Chinese antiquities, and reached its zenith during the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 B.C) and the early part of the Zhou Dynasty (1045 - 256 B.C.). These ritual bronzes were deposited as grave goods in tombs of royalty and nobility. They were produced for an individual to use in ritual offerings of food and drink to the ancestors and then buried with him so that they could continue to pay respect in the afterlife. Many of these artifacts and other pieces from this period are on display in our Archaic Bronze Chamber located on the 1st floor of the Main Clubhouse.

The art of Buddhist Sculptures has a long history in China. It can be dated back to as early as the Eastern Han (25-220) when Buddhism was brought to China from India. It flourished and peaked during the Southern and Northern Dynasty (420-589). The presence of Buddhism in China has been a tumultuous one. Buddhist sculptures were banned and destroyed during the Northern Zhou (557-581), later revived during the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and abolished by Emperor Wu-Zong in favour of Daoism. Due to its history, Buddhist artifacts have become rarities and thus objects of desire among international, private collectors and many recovered items are considered national treasures. Hong Kong Parkview is so fortunate to offer you such a collection of preserved Buddhist artifacts for your viewing pleasure and serve as a looking glass into our past.

Our Reading Room is located on the level 2 of the Main Clubhouse and provides a peaceful environment for study or repose. Feel free to stop by and peruse the volumes of books, magazines, encyclopedias and other fascinating articles that are housed here for your reading pleasure. Opening hours are 1pm - 10pm .