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This modern swimming pool complex and aqua-wellness amenities is the most loved facility of all Hong Kong Parkview. Whether it's early morning laps in the heated swimming pool, afternoon recharge in the steam room and sauna, evening soak in the whirlpool, The Roman Baths are truly unique and offer top of the line choices for relaxation.

Hong Kong Parkview
*Jacuzzi is temporarily closed.
Entrance Fees: Free for members



A serene oasis hidden within the bustling city, Hong Kong Parkview's stunning outdoor swimming pool is wreathed with lush tropical gardens reminiscent of lagoons of a far-away island paradise. It's a great spot to catch some sun on a warm afternoon or meet friends for a refreshing drink.

Oasis pool at Hong Kong Parkview

Opening Hours:8:30am – 6:30pm
Lifeguard Hours:8:30am – 6:30pm
Fees:Free for members





Our state-of-the-art indoor & outdoor gymnasium, staffed by expert fitness instructors, is spread across three levels and boasts an exclusive modern cardio equipment complete with personal televisions, and an extensive selection of weight training machines.

Type of Machines
.Chest press
.Shoulder press
.Lat Pulldown
.Seated row
.Adjustable cable crossover
.Leg press
.Leg extension
.Leg curl
.Dual adjustable pulley
.Back extension
.Fitness Assessment
(Terms and condition)
Personal Trainers
Long Wong
Michael Cheng
Natalie Li
Raj Gurung
Zero Tsang
Koobie Koo
Gigi Hung
Sandy Sydney
Joey Cheng
Kenneth Ma
Katy Tse
Opening Hours:6:00am – 10:00pm
Fees:Free for members

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Newly renovated Tots’ Town is sure to ignite your child’s imagination and excite all their senses. Spend the day role playing in the Noodle House and Police Station or rumble and tumble through the whimsical obstacle course, dodge the Bask Bags and Swinging Snakes, and keep off the lava tiles! Take off on an adventure that leads you out of Tots Town; join the Circus and stumble into Jungle all the whilst learning and having fun.

Indoor Children's Playrooms

Types of Playrooms:

.Tots Town
.Jungle Adventure
.The Circus


Opening Hours:9am – 6pm
Fees:Free for members
HK$20/pair of socks
HK$20 for loss of wristband





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