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Celebrating 30 years of service marks a key milestone for Hong Kong Parkview. Continuously striving to create a home away from home, an oasis within the city, we never cease to perfect our services and facilities to make sure you have a memorable stay.

Over the past 30 years, we have shared a truly wonderous journey with everyone in our neighbourhood – members, residents, ParknShop staff, PIPS’s teachers and students and a lot more. Over the years Parkview has seen many changes in design and offerings, we have added in extra dining outlets, rejuvenated existing ones, brought state-of-the-art equipment to Spa & Resort, given the kids plenty to keep them busy and all to ensure our members and residents live and experience the best they can.

Our staff grow with us and although they may start to show a few wrinkles (Except Freddie, who always looks sharp in his tuxedo with a glass of whisky on his serving tray!) We’re always thrilled to watch the kids grow and return with their own children, delighting in yum cha, learning on the art tours or enrolled in summer camps. It is the bond between you and us, generation by generation that make this place a home and a family.

From July to December this year, we will offer a wide range of special 30th anniversary offers and activities to celebrate our exceptional presence in the city.

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Parkview Moments Campaign
With Parkview into its 30th Anniversary, we are running a ‘Parkview Moments’ Campaign to celebrate this wonderous occasion. To enter into the campaign, simply send us any photo, video clip or even sketch that features the unique, iconic charm of Parkview.

WhatsApp your visual content and membership number to the Membership Department at (852) 5200 8011. Each month a winner will be selected to receive a $1989 spending credit at all F&B outlets.

Let’s build our Parkview moments album together!

Terms and Conditions:
1. By participating in this campaign, you agree and acknowledge that Hong Kong Parkview has the permission to use and print your visual contents for any promotional purposes.
2. Should any dispute arise, Hong Kong Parkview’s decision shall be final.

Enquiries: 2812 3872 / 5200 8011

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Timetable Artwork 2

The Timeless Taste of Parkview 
We are putting our finest Ming Yuen X.O Sauce into this delicate jade green jar and give you a taste of Parkview’s timeless, 30-year recipe. You are welcome to book on any of our dining outlets 30 days or more in advance and receive this jar of delicacy.

Enquiries: 2812 3804 / 5200 8091