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45 Second Pavigym – Prama Challenge
Challenge your reflexes and agility on this interactive fitness experience. Try and achieve a high score and see how many times you can hit the sensor in an intense 45 second round on the SPRINT track in Hong Kong Parkview’s unique PaviGym – Prama System!
Date: 1/11 – 30/11
Venue: Hong Kong Parkview Gym

Each participant will receive a complimentary coffee at the Lifestyle Café
Overall winner will receive a free breakfast at Teahouse

Separate age group for men and women:
18-23 years of age (young adults)
24-39 years of age (Adults)
40-49 years of age (Master)
50-59 years of age (Senior)

Terms and conditions:
1. The Challenge is open to members over the age of 18 years after the time registration (31 March 2001) and employees of Hong Kong Parkview can enter.
2. Unlimited attempts are permitted per participant.
3. The winners will be determined by Hong Kong Parkview judges selected from management of Spa & Resort.
4. Hong Kong Parkview decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
5. Registered Challenge participants who have any medical conditions (physical and/or mental health) or are taking any medication should check with their health professional before entering.
6. Members are aware that any physical challenge and the use of any facilities could result in personal injury to himself/ herself and / or other users of Hong Kong Parkview’ facilities and / or damage suffered by property and that the member must act with full care and attention at all times to avoid such occurrence. Hong Kong Parkview, its officers and the personal trainers assigned to the member accept no liability for either injury to the client or any loss or damage to the member except insofar as such loss, damage or injury is by law, incapable of exclusion.
7. Registered 45 second Pavigym Prama Challenge participants result will be posted and updated on the leader board.
8. By participating, registered 45 second Pavigym Prama Challenge participants agree to accept these terms and conditions and the decisions of the Hong Kong Parkview, whose decisions are final and binding in all respects.
9. Participants commit to Adhered to all relevant terms and conditions outlined herein throughout the entirety of the 45 second Pavigym Prama Challenge.

Enquiries & Enrolments:

Tel:2812 3941 / 5200 6962
Whatsapp:5200 6962
Online:Enquiries Form

Adult’s Activities


Calling all junior adventurers! There will be a month-long treasure hunt at S&R every Saturday and Sunday. Your task is to locate and rescue the endangered species hidden in the recreation corner. Complete the challenge and there will be enticing rewards!
Date:7 September – 24 November
Venue:Spa & Resort
Fee:Members: Complimentary/ Guests: HK$100
Task:1. Reptiles
(7/9 – 8/9 & 14/9 – 15/9)
(21/9 – 22/9 & 28/9 – 29/9)
2. Birds
(5/10 – 6/10 & 12/10 – 13/10)
(19/10 – 20/10 & 26/10 – 27/10)
3. Mammals
(2/11 – 3/11 & 9/11 – 10/11)
(16/11 – 17/11 & 23/11 – 24/11)

– You are hereby invited to be an adventurer to explore the endangered animal world.
– To locate different endangered species at the recreation corner within a specific time period and learn more about them.
– You will be awarded a stamp every time you find an endangered species.
– Upon the successful collection of 2 endangered species, you will be deemed an outstanding adventurer!
– Join the adventure at Spa & Resort every weekend from 9:00am to 7:00pm.
✓ 4 stamps to redeem selected delicious sweet treat at the Candy Corner
✓ 5 stamps for a chance to play the Claw Crane Machine
✓ 6 stamps for a complimentary Weekend’s Children Workshop

Terms and Conditions
1. All prize must be redeemed in Spa & Resort
2. The complimentary Weekend Children’s Workshop must be redeemed by December, 2019

Enquiries & Enrolments:

Tel:2812 3945 / 5200 6963
Whatsapp:5200 6963
Online:Enquiries Form

Adult’s Activities


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